Trade Compliance Tech Forum 2022

Trade Compliance
Tech Forum 2022

Join our Tech Forum on the 23rd & 24th of November 2022.

Thanks to our sponsors
for supporting this event.

Who's Presenting

All speakers have been or are going through the process of implementing some form of emerging tech into their compliance programs.

Connecting People

Feedback was overwhelming from the inaugural event, industry wants to meet specialists who can share their knowledge.

Why Attend

Bringing compliance, IT & data analytics specialists together to learn from each other, there is no other event quite like it.

About this event

There is a digital revolution taking place right now in compliance. Some are ahead others waiting to follow but one thing is certain, it is happening and will change the way we operate in the near and distant future.

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Watch the keynote from last year about technology in a changing world

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These are your speakers for Trade ComplianceTech Forum 2022.

Event currently in production, more details will be available soon.

Event Schedule

Event currently in production, more details will be available soon.

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  • Access to the Tech Forum for 3 persons


Venue to be confirmed, Munich, Germany.

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